Dr. King’s Simple Guide to Holistic Health

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A chorus of experts sings the praises of Dr. King’s Simple Guide to Holistic Health:

● “If you or your family has not been adequately prepared to cope with an illness and the medical world has not provided you with the answers you need, then read on and prepare yourself with the wisdom contained in Dr. King’s book. She has lived and experienced it firsthand.”

–Dr. Bernie Siegel, acclaimed patient empowerment practitioner and author of “A Book of Miracles”

● ”This book provides hope and strategies that will allow you to navigate your health challenges in life effectively.”

–Les Brown, motivational speaker, speech coach and best-selling author

● ”It’s a must-read for anyone dealing with serious health issues and anyone who wants to learn more about the long-term effects of holistic therapy.”

–Dr. Sonjia Kenya, founder of the South Beach School for Sensual Satisfaction

● “This book is an embracing gateway into the world of holistic health. Dr. Elizabeth King guides you through the maze and shows you how to find the help you need. “

–Kandee G, talk show host, author, speaker and founder of Nothing But Good News Media


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