Dr. King & Associates Fusion Smoking Cessation
Stop Smoking, Start Living™ Protocol

  • Do you want to stop smoking with little to no withdrawal?
  • Are you tired of smelling like cigarettes?
  • Are you tired of coughing and having difficulty breathing?
  • Do you worry about your health because you know that cigarette smoking is a time bomb waiting to explode?
  • Have you tried to quit smoking with patches, gum or medication and it has not worked?
  • Do you want to stop smoking with a fast and proven method?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then call us to learn more about our unique Fusion Smoking Cessation protocol.

What is the Stop Smoking, Start Living™ protocol?

We have developed and perfected a unique protocol which fuses hypnosis with acupuncture also recommend adding on the Ondamed for a comprehensive approach to stop smoking. All of these protocols are effective by themselves, but when you fuse them together they are powerful.

Does it hurt?

There is little to no discomfort with this technique because the needles are very thin and small. Needleless acupuncture is also offered.

How many sessions do I need to stop smoking with your unique protocol?

We offer 2 options:

1) You may attend a group program, with no more than 5 participants. If you choose this option it will be 1 session for most people. With an additional session if you elect to add on the Ondamed to your program. or

2) You may choose to do the custom designed individual program which would require 2 sessions, plus you may add on the Ondamed session.

How would I choose which program would be best for me?

The group and the individual programs are both very effective. After we speak with you about your smoking habits, we will recommend the program that will be best for you.

Does it work?

We have a 95% success rate. Check back the Testimonial section to read what our clients have to say.

“Dear Dr. King,

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the day I stopped smoking after just 1 hypnosis session with you! Up until that day I had smoked for 12 1/2 years, and in the previous 6 years, had tried to stop using patches, electronic cigarettes, lozenges, gum, and acupuncture.

In addition to the session, the coaching and support you provided to me in the weeks following our session were invaluable! This change has lead to a much healthier lifestyle. In December, I ran my first ever 5K which I would not have had the stamina to do previously.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you did with me, and the work and contribution you do and give to so many others!

With Love,

Michelle Roza”


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