A divorce is a stressful situation; a divorce with children even more so. While the parents’ relationship may be ending, the family is not. At Dr. King & Associates, PA – Counseling & Coaching we strongly family_shadowbelieve that the couple who began this journey with dignity should have the option of ending it with dignity while focusing on the long term good of all family members. Parent Coordination from the experts at Dr. King & Associates can help.

Studies show that parents are more likely to adhere to a parenting plan if they are actively involved in the process. Parenting Coordination from a licensed psychotherapist and qualified parenting coordinator gives parents an opportunity to discuss their differences with a neutral party and to obtain uniquely tailored information to help their children deal with the effects of divorce.


Goals of Parent Coordination

  • Assisting parents in developing an individualized parenting plan
  • Providing parents with guidelines for communicating
  • Supporting parents in creating strategies to minimize conflict and ease tension
  • Teaching principles of child development so that parents have a critical knowledge of how divorce effects their child(ren).

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