Third Party Reproduction
(Egg and Sperm Donation)                                            fertility_counseling
Counseling & Consultation
–Mental Health Screening for Recipients

Beginning your journey through infertility treatments can be an emotionally and physically exhausting time.  As a member of Resolve, we have experience counseling couples through this difficult time. We will provide your doctor with the brief mental health assessment required by many doctors prior to beginning the journey.

Counseling is available to couples who may be considering using a sperm or egg donor, or a surrogate to help them achieve their dream of having a family. This allows couples to explore all of the issues and feelings that may coincide with the intervention and treatment.

Many couples have questions or concerns on how to address or explain conception details to their child, dealing with emotions of not being genetically connected to their child, and how to emotionally support each other through this process.

For most individuals and couples it is recommended by your reproductive endocrinologist and/or egg donor and surrogacy agency to complete a mental health screening prior to using third party reproductive methods. This evaluation allows the couple to address many of their concerns and gain knowledge and insight into the emotional aspects of this process. These evaluations are available to heterosexual couples as well as same sex couples.

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